Therapeutic neck support pillows. Relieving neck pain since 2015.


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Our Story

Made For Sleep is an Australian innovative pillow company. We set out four years ago to make the best support pillow for back and side sleepers.

It all began after I suffered a neck injury and I was waking up worse than when I went to bed. I tried many different pillows but none worked for me.

We believe that a pillow needs to have a natural feel. We also believe in the use of all natural materials. So we soon decided to use 100% natural wool knops (clusters) as the pillow fill.

To make a pillow to support the head and neck in either a back sleeping or a side sleeping position, it soon became obvious that we needed 3 separate fully adjustable sections in order to do this.

After much trial and error, it took about two years to design the shape that allowed the neck muscles to completely relax in the back sleeping position and allow the head and neck to be fully supported in the side sleeping position.

With my good friend Chris we are now proud to offer a fully adjustable two position pillow using 100% natural wool and cotton.

We are also committed to using 100% biodegradable packaging. Our plastic packaging is provided by `BioBag World Australia'.