All Natural Adjustable Wool Pillow

Do you wake up with a sore neck, sore back or headaches?

Made For Sleep is a new innovative Australian pillow company.  It all began after I suffered a neck injury and I was waking up worse than when I went to bed, and yes I tried many different pillows but none worked for me, so we set out four years ago to make the best support pillow for back and side sleepers. 

It soon became obvious to support the head and neck in either a back or a side sleeping position the pillow needed to be made in three sections, all adjustable in firmness so it becomes your favourite back sleeping pillow and your favourite side sleeping pillow. 


Luxurious 100% Wool

Comfort and Support

Fully Adjustable

Adjustable neck support 100% wool pillow
Best therapeutic support pillow ergonomic back and side sleeping pillow

Pillow with fitted pillow cover

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100% Eco Friendly

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Ergonomic, two position pillow, back and side sleeping pillow, money back guarantee

The Made For Sleep two position pillow for back and side sleepers offers a unique solution to the specific issue of back sleeping for the hyper-kyphosis patient. Appropriate neck and back support is extremely important for a good night's sleep. 

While most pillows fail to adequately support them, I believe anyone specifically with an increased thoracic curvature (hyper-kyphosis) will experience better supine sleep posture by gently supporting their neck and upper back, whilst maintaining ideal side posture sleep when sleeping on their side.

I would certainly recommend any suitable patients for this quality product.'

Christopher D. Heggie
B.appSc. Chiro
0403766 206
Parramatta and Blaxland NSW

100% Tasmanian Nue Wool  100% Eco friendly and biodegradable