Made For Sleep
Fully Adjustable Back & Side Sleeping Pillow

Two Position Ergonomic Pillow

Specifically designed for back and side sleepers. This three segmented ergonomically designed pillow is also fully adjustable through zippers for each segment.

Full Support

Natural feel, Shaped for full support, and has the comfort of a good quality wool pillow. Comfortably shift positions throughout the night being fully supported without waking.

Fully Adjustable Pillow

This pillow is made in 6 different sizes to suit most people. Made in 3 segments, fully adjustable through zippers, so you can add or take out fill to make this pillow your perfect fit.
It has cervical and upper thoracic support for back and side sleepers. Because it is fully adjustable you can adjust it to be the perfect height and support for either sleeping position.

Made From Natural Materials

 The “Made for Sleep” pillow is made from environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, cotton and ​ wool knops .

Ergonomically designed to support and evenly distribute weight.