Made For Sleep
Fully Adjustable Back & Side Sleeping Pillow
 I am very proud to be able to offer our new Made for Sleep pillow. The Made for Sleep is a 2 position pillow that has been specifically designed for back and side sleepers.​​

I decided to design this pillow because I could never find a pillow that worked for me. I suffered a neck injury some years ago and I kept waking up worse than when I went to bed. I tried a number of different pillows but none worked for me. So I decided to make one. I thought well how hard could it be it’s just a pillow.

And that began a two year journey and in collaboration with my very talented friend, Chris, we developed what we believe is the perfect pillow for back and side sleepers.

From the start we wanted to create a natural feel pillow that could support the head and neck in either a back or a side sleeping position. It became obvious that we needed 3 separate sections in order to do this.
We also trialled many different fills and finally discovered wool knops. Wool knops are an essential element of our design because they ensure that  the pillow holds its relative position and form during the night.
After much testing, we have refined our design and are now in a position to offer our Made for Sleep pillow for you to buy.