Made For Sleep
Fully Adjustable Back & Side Sleeping Pillow
The Ergonomic Pillow
For Side and Back Sleepers
Do you wake up with a sore neck, sore back or headaches?
You maybe using a pillow that doesn't suit your sleeping patterns.
If you are like me you have used a lot of different pillows, some are great when sleeping on your side but not so good when sleeping on your back.
This is where this Ergonomic Pillow  is different it is made of three separate pillows all adjustable in firmness so it becomes your favorite back sleeping pillow and your favourite side sleeping pillow
 I would highly recommend the Made For Sleep Pillow. I have suffered from neck & shoulder pain for some time & found that I would often wake feeling stiff & sore. I have tried a number of pillows but none were right. I would often wake during the night & change pillows.

I was given this pillow to try & I really liked it. While I'm not normally a back sleeper I found that the centre piece supported my neck very well and I was able to sleep comfortably on my back. I could also sleep very comfortably on my side. Overall, this is a great pillow.    Sylvia I, Marrickville.

This pillow will make you sleep so much better. This pillow is a must, you gotta get one.
Sincerely , Carl H, Blue Mountains Australia.